Doglover Is Important Through DogFest

Jane Rieger is just a self described doglover. “I have liked pets, especially Golden Retrievers. Linda usually adopted Canine Companions’ actions and improvements online, and found Canine Companions for Freedom a long time before. Fundamentally, DogFest Wander ‘n Move supplied the method that is perfect for Linda to state her assistance.

Impressed from everything they’ve been educated to complete and the abilities that Dog Companions help dogs have,” Jane says. “The unique relationship they’ve using their companions and just how they create this type of distinction within their lifestyles is shock-inspiring.”

Quincy- Quincy, smileWhen Jane’s precious Golden Retriever, died, she desired to make a move to recognize him. “I desired to channel my feelings to assist another person,” describes Jane. “I noticed and so I chose to concentrate on increasing cash for Canine Friends in storage of Quincy.” that DogFest North Park was arising on October 29

Jane’s objective was to boost 000, $10, enough to generate of identifying a Canine Friends dog honoring her favorite dog the opportunity. “I am happy to express that I’ve exceeded my objective! Jane is reported by ”.

Linda is pleased to reveal her strategies and happy with her fundraising achievement. Like dating – should you don’t request, you won’t obtain the day “I think about it!” Jane says. “My friends, family co-workers others yet locally all have been extremely encouraging. I’ve gotten large contributions from my dentist vet and insurance professional! And, I’m lucky to work on Intuit, with a really large gift-related system. Lots of my buddies at the office have contributed. Had our contributions matched money for dollarnashville-df-3 which has led a great deal toward my whole amount fundraised.”

Today, Anne is able to enjoy at DogFest North Park! “I am getting excited about presenting our latest Golden Retriever, who we simply used in June, to the fun all!” Jane describes.

To date, DogFest may be the just Canine Friends-associated exercise she’s enjoyed in, but that’s going to change. “Soon I’ll attend a dog course, when I might affect be considered perhaps a volunteer puppy raiser later on or a volunteer dog caregiver!” she says.